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Far East and Siberia

The Far Eastern Federal is the largest of the eight federal districts of Russia but at the same time the least populated. The entire federal district lies within the easternmost part of Asia and covers the territory of the Russian Far East. In December 2018 the seat of the Far Eastern Federal District was moved from Khabarovsk to Vladivostok.

The Far East is the easternmost part of Russia. It borders two oceans, the Pacific and the Arctic, and five countries (China, Japan, Mongolia, the United States and the DPRK). The Far Eastern region spreads over four time zones and various climate zones: from northern deserts to subtropics. It is famous for hot springs and volcanoes, healing salty air, great seafood and fantastic views.

This area is generously gifted by the treasures of nature: highest mountains and purest lakes, magnificent volcanoes and endless steppes, peacefull seashores and impetious and turbulent rivers. It’s rich in history and culture, surrounded by myths and legends, its people are diverse but they all share same traditions of hospitality and kindness. A perfect choice for travelers looking for a truly unconventional getaway.

The top 10 largest cities of the disctrict are:


The Capital

Vladivostok is the city that immediately occurs in mind first thing when we first think about the Russian Far East. The city is located on a peninsula top, washed by the Sea of Japan. It is the leading center of education and science in the area and one of the most rapidly developing cities in Russia. Over the last few years, the city of Vladivostok was majorly upgraded by a number of unique constructions and institutions, including Russky and Golden Horn bridges, a huge university campus, and the Primorsky Opera Theatre. The city regularly hosts global events such as the APEC summit, and the Eastern Economic Forum.

Siberia is a vast region of Russia, constituting all of northern Asia. Siberia extends from the Ural Mountains in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east and southward from the Arctic Ocean to the hills of north-central Kazakhstan and the borders of Mongolia and China. It is filled with precious objects and travel routes that will amaze even the most demanding adventure seekers.

Belukha Mountain is the highest point of Sibera located right in the heart of Mountaneous Altai. Back in the past locals worshiped the mountain recognizing it as a deity. According to legends, this place hosts the hidden entrance to the legendary and mysterious country – Shambhala, or Belovodye, as the Old Believers call it. So, here begins our strikingly beautiful curvy mountain route to the Energy Center of Altai, followed by the outlets to the valley of 7 lakes and “The Sun City” – the valley of Yarlu.

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