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Buryatia – one of the most ecologically clean places on Earth.
The Republic of Buryatia is one of the most promising Russian regions on recreational potential. The favorable geographical location, wide historical, cultural and natural resources, the growing popularity of Lake Baikal contribute to the development of this beautiful area.


The republic is known for its unique and diverse flora and fauna. About 83% of the territory is covered by forests. It is home to a number of large nature reserves and national parks: Barguzin State Biosphere Reserve, Baikal State Biosphere Nature Reserve, State Nature Reserve “Dzherginsky”, National Park “Zabaykalsky”, National Park “Tunkinsky”.



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Interesting facts

Natural resources of Buryatia include about 48% of Russian zinc deposits, 24% of lead, 37% of molybdenum, 27% of tungsten. Also there are rich gold and uranium deposits.

The area is historically inhabited by Buryat who have lived in Eastern Siberia since time immemorial, originally surviving as nomads who herded animals and lived in yurts, cylindrical tent-like dwellings covered in felt or skin.

The climate of Buryatia is sharply continental characterized by the long duration of sunshine that sometimes surpasses the southern regions of Russia. Winters are cold, springs are windy, with late light frosts and almost no rains. The average temperature in summer here is about +26C, in winter – 25C accordingly.

The current Buryatia used to be a part of the Mongol Empire which disintegrated into separate states later in the 14th century. Then until the 17th century, the territory of today’s Buryatia was part of the Mongolian state of North Yuan. By the beginning of the 17th century, the Russian state conquered the Western Siberia, came to the regions inhabited by the Mongol tribes and began to build forts and fortifications in the Baikal region. At the same time, Tibetan Buddhism

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