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Yakutia – the land of superlatives.
Yakutia is still an unexplored and mysterious land that has stunningly beautiful landscapes and offers many opportunities for scientists, tourists and photographers Yakutia can as well be referred to as “the land of superlatives”.

Yakutia is the largest Federal Subject of Russia. Its territory is so large that (if) being a separate state it would have been listed among the largest countries in the world, beating Argentina, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Indonesia!


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Interesting facts about Yakutia

Yakutia is home to the coldest permanently inhabited place on Earth A record low temperature of minus 67.7°C (for permanently inhabited locales) was documented in Oymyakon that is situated in Yakutia. The greatest difference between the highest and the lowest temperatures was also registered in Yakutia. The average winter drop-down temperature in Yakutia is -40C while the average summer temperature is about +30C. Long-lasting winter is as well one of the typical features of Yakutian climate: normally the actual winter counts from 8 to 9 months a year. There are no spring and fall, winter is dramatically changed by a short summer.

Less than 30% of the territory of Yakutia is occupied by plains. It’s mostly a mountainous land and the world-largest region that is known for its breathtaking landscapes – the land full of wonders and stunning beauty. One of the Yakutian wonders is Lena Pillars Nature Park – this landmark belongs to UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The park is a unique ridge of rocks in the form of pillars and towers some up to 100 meters high that stretch along the Lena for tens of kilometers. These are composed of Cambrian limestone rock formed more than 500 million years ago.

Yakutia is the world-largest bio reserve. The pristine nature of Yakutia has become the land’s trademark. More that 90% of the land remains poorly explored. Today’s Yakutia stands for 30% of the Russian pristine nature and more than 10% of the world wildlife!

Yakutia has the world-largest river system Though it’s hard to imagine but there are more than 700 000 rivers and 800 000 lakes in Yakutia. The total length of all the Yakutian rivers accounts for more than 2,000,000 km.


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