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The Vainakh Edge

Visit one of the greatest cities of the Northern Caucasus – the city of Grozny, boasting its ancient traditions and magnificent landscapes.Our tour tells the story of the Vainakh peoples, revealing incredible courage and pride of this wonderful people.
You will also admire breathtaking landscapes and enjoy the freedom of pristine and pure nature – a rare feature of the modern world.
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Route: Grozny
Duration: 5 days/4 nights
Tour type: Group
Physical difficulty level: Medium
Age: No limits
Meal plan: Full board
Languages: English/ French/ Spanish/ German
Starts from: 559 EUR

Day 1
Arrival to Grozny
Meet and greet our guide
Lunch in the city
Excursion “Grozny.Risen from the ashes”
The complex of high-rise buildings «Grozny City»
Flower Park in the center of Grozny
Michael the Archangel’s Cathedral
“Walk of Fame” – memorial complex
Transfer to the hotel, check in
Dinner in the hotel
Free time

Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel
Jeep tour to Galanzhozhsky district
Lunch (lunchboxes)
Transfer to Grozny
Dinner in the city
Transfer to the hotel
Free time

Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel
Check out
Excursion to Kezenoy-Am Lake
Transfer to the airport

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel
Excursion to the Argun gorge
Transfer to Grozny
Dinner in the city
Transfer to the hotel
Free time

Day 4
Breakfast at the hotel
Excursion to Benoy
Transfer to Grozny
Dinner in the city
Transfer to the hotel
Free time

4 nights in Grozny city hotel 5* or similar

  • Accommodation: 1 nights in Grozny city hotel 5*,
  • Transfers and visits according to program
  • English/Japanese speaking local guide for all visits and transfers
  • Meal as per itinerary
  • 1 small bottle of water per person per day in coach
not included:
  • Unmentioned excursions
  • Tips to guides and drivers
  • Porterage service at hotels and train stations
  • Personal expenses
  • Flight tickets

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Description of sights, excursions and activities

Excursion “Grozny. Risen from the ashes”
Grozny is a phoenix city, reborn from the ashes in just 10 years. The city was founded in 1818 as the fortress of Grozny, which was part of the Sunzhenskaya fortified line. In 1870, the fortress, which lost its strategic importance, was transformed into the city of Grozny of the Terek region. In the 19th century, the city of Grozny was a major trading and industrial center of the North Caucasus. The rapid growth of the city contributed to the railway and the beginning of the development of oil fields. The main modern landmark and spiritual center is “The Heart of Chechnya” Mosque. The mosque named after Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov, or as it is also called “The Heart of Chechnya”, is one of the most beautiful and majestic mosques not only of the Chechen Republic, but throughout Eastern Europe. With its grandeur and beauty, the mosque is able to amaze even the most sophisticated esthete.

Excursion to the Argun gorge
Part of this excursion takes place along the route, which was important throughout the Soviet Union. The old road leads up the gorge of the swift river Chanty-Argun, then through the mountain passes to Khevsureti, and then to Georgia. On the way you can admire the beautiful waterfall. Water jets break off over a hanging rock from a height of 10.5 meters.The road to Itum-Kali is paved through the limestone rocks. It impresses tourists with its grandeur and beauty. 10 minutes by car from Shatoi on the left, moving towards the Itum-Kale, Nikhaloy waterfalls cascade bring down the water of the Chanti-Argun river. The biggest quest is the road to the waterfall: you need to cross the mountain river along the bridge, climb wide and solid metal stairs upwards. The height of the water fall on the main waterfall is about 33 meters. You will see a hard-to-reach ancient tower on a steep cliff near the village of Bashin-Kali and the famous Ushkaloy twin towers restored in 2011.
Transfer time:2 h (one way)

Jeep tour to Galanzhozhsky district
The Galanchozh district is one of the ancient historical Chechen districts, from which, according to some legend, the indigenous tapes emerged and later formed the united Chechen people. On the territory of Galanchozh district there are monuments of the early and late Middle Ages, which are of historical and spiritual value to the Chechen people. These are ancient combat and residential towers, castles, crypts, and the most famous among the people is the lake Galanchozh and the Stone Army. The Galanchozh Lake is located in mountainous Chechnya at an altitude of 1533 meters above the sea level. The lake has an almost regular oval shape with axes of 450 and 380 meters. The area is 10 hectares, the maximum depth in the center of the lake is 31 meters. The lake district is the place where every piece of land is surrounded with legends. After all, this is that very land, according to legends, where Chechens originate from.
Transfer time: 3,5 h (one way)

Jeep tour to Galanzhozhsky district
Benoy is the historical homeland of the largest Chechen kinds and the First President of the Chechen Republic, Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov. There are many attractions in the area, but the sights along the route “Akhki-Tay”, which leads with an ornate ribbon through the fairy Benoy forest directly to the mouth of the Yassi River. Bright blue water flows under a glass bridge and, smoothing stones, runs into the gorge, on which the gazebos and bridges are built for the guests. You can endlessly admire the waterfalls from this place. Huge tree crowns save these fascinating places from the sun.
Transfer time: 2,5 h (one way)

Excursion to the Kezenoy-Am Lake
Kezenoy-Am, which is also called the “Pearl of the Caucasus”, is located at an altitude of 1870 meters above sea level.
Kezenoy-Am is the largest alpine lake not only in the Chechen Republic, but throughout the North Caucasus. In ancient times, when a mountain collapse blocked the gorges of two small rivers – Khorsum and Kaukhi, below the place of their confluence, behind a giant dam more than 100 m high, the lake spilled. In Soviet times, on the shore of Kezenoy-Am there was an Olympic base for the rowing team. The lake is located in the Vedeno district of the Chechen Republic, near the border with Dagestan, in the zone of beautiful mountain meadows and steppes. Mountain meadows are especially beautiful during the flowering period. Excursion to an ancient village. There is a fortified fortress city named Khoy just in two kilometers away from the western bank of the lake. Its militant and flag towers brood above the canyon. The mountain flanks are furrowed with dozens of artificial benches for farming.

Transfer time: 3 h (one way)

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