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Sochi is a city that complies with the whole range of expectations one may have about a beach resort. Overlooking the endless Black Sea this city, surrounded by long and modern beach lines on one side and  magnificent mountains with thick duvets of white snow-caps on the other, represents a perfect vacation spot with all the benefits  a mild subtropical climate can give.



In past times the area of current Sochi was inhabited by multiple ethnicities who succeeded each other over the time. Finally, in 1838 it became the setup spot for the first Russian outpost in terms of the Russian expansion along the Black Sea coast. The name Sochi was given to the Russian settlement built in the area in 1896, it received the status of a city in 1917. From the end of the 19th century the city has been developed as a recreation spot with all the capacities for active or relaxed-mode leisure.

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Places to visit in Sochi

Krasnaya Polyana

A relatively knew yet fast-growing resort that has already earned the status of the most respectable ski cluster in Russia. Sochi Olympics 2014 played an important role in the development and success of this place. In the course of the preparation for this prestigious international event the resort has found a new infrastructure, a new convenient road, a number of new mountain tracks and for skiing and snowboarding, equipped with comfortable lifts, a luge-sports center, new hotels and restaurants of the highest level.

The Sochi Sanctuary,
located in four kilometers from the city, is a state-protected area of leisure and carefully preserved wildlife. Steep cliffs covered in lush vegetation form a deep gorge where the river Agura flows. It took centuries for Agura to break through the tight rocks and make the way up to the mouth forming a gorgeous waterfalls cascade. The park attracts a lot of visitors but it can also turn into a disappointment in especially warm periods when the river dries down almost completely and the waterfalls turn into a bunch of lifeless rocks.

Olympic Village

The resort development hasn’t stopped after the Olympics: new buildings are being raised, more and more new cable cars stretch into the mountains, cafes and entertainment centers constantly increase in number, everything is being done with focus on guests and their sense of comfort.

The Arboretum
The Sochi arboretum is a green treasury of Russian subtropics, numbering more than 1800 exotic and rare plants brought here from different parts of the world. Apart from the plants, the arboretum is inhabited by some rare bird and animal species which the place is especially proud of. It also has a cable car road opening spectacular sea and mountain view.


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